Rich’s musings on Gamestop, Sony A1 and Tesla Model S Plaid+, Windows to Mac, Easy Logos for startups, cleaning keyboards and more


Welcome to the February 6 episode of Rich’s Tongfamily Tips, Tricks and Traps in Technology. You can always see the written posts on, but included here are:

Understanding Robinhood, Gamestop and settlements

Anaconda is a great virtual environment with a big leak

Distributing your podcast manually when doesn’t

Moving to Jupyter, Python and Pandas when Excel is too small

Moving from Windows to Mac, what’s all this then about Computer Accounts

Drooling over the Sony A1 camera and the Tesla Model S Plaid +

Updating your HomePod manually and using Airplay 2 to control the speakers

Easy Logo creating for startups 

Installing a Ubiquiti Unifi network for noobs

Cleaning your Yucky mechanical keyboard

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